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5 Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From GoPro and Red Bull

5 Content Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From GoPro and Red Bull

Not every brand is as fun and exciting as Red Bull or GoPro. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the capacity to create an engaged community around your products. If you have a blog and active social media presence, you can learn a few Winnipeg advertising lessons from these two companies and apply them to your brand.

Here’s how to get started.

Tell a Story

GoPro and Red Bull are masters at telling stories through their brand, and it shows. Both have understood just how powerful and essential storytelling is, and they’ve harnessed that power to capture their audience’s interest.

Red Bull, in particular, seems to have an impressive strategy that went beyond selling a beverage and turned into an ongoing lifestyle campaign. There is no doubt that consumers will always respond better to a well-crafted story than a boring marketing message. So, try to differentiate yourself from your competitors by making storytelling, part of your strategy.

Work with User Generated Content

When it comes to user-generated content, GoPro seems to have it all figured out. By engaging with their fans and encouraging them to upload media content, they’ve managed to create a special platform for them where they can share GoPro experiences with the entire world.

GoPro also features campaigns where users have the chance to win different prizes if they contribute to the platform. The strategy works wonders, and it’s definitely something you can learn from them. Work with your fans and give them the chance to share their experiences. Not only that it will boost your visibility, but you’ll also have a more engaged audience.

Source Content

If you’re still a small business just starting out, you’ll probably realize that you have more limitations than you would like. That’s something all businesses have in common, and GoPro is no exception. However, it’s what you do about these limitations that can make the difference.

GoPro realized that they need a different approach regarding content and reached out to their fans or influencers to contribute. As a result, the GoPro YouTube channel is a carefully curated selection of videos from users that showcase how they use the camera in different situations or sponsored athletes that use it to track their performance.

The strategy works because GoPro is generating fresh content from different users while also reaching out and engaging with fans on a more personal level by featuring them on their channels.

What can you take from their strategy? Know your limits but don’t let them define you. Don’t stick only to creating your own content, but try sourcing relevant content from anywhere you can find it. Make sure that you credit it, though. The last thing you wish is a copyright lawsuit on your hands.

Create More Content

Most of you probably know that besides selling energy drinks, Red Bull also created their multi-platform media company that offers a vast range of media products focused on sports, lifestyle, and culture. Everything regarding content is created by them, although they are still open to partnerships with other businesses. Now, Red Bull Media House has become a leading competitor in content creation and boasts an impressive portfolio.

Rather than paying big bucks for advertising campaigns, Red Bull used a different approach and internalized their strategy. They eliminated the medium they used to communicate with their audience, choosing to address them directly and spent less money in doing so.

What can you take from this? Create more interesting, relevant content, even if you’re not spreading over various media channels and use your budget more wisely.

The Client Comes First

Everything Red Bull Media House does right now– production company, sports magazine, record label, you name it – is nothing but a huge effort to get closer to their customers. And it’s working.

The high quality and most importantly, relevant content they offer and the fact that they allow their audience to consume this content on any channel they can think of is a great strategy that pulled in a lot of people.

What to take from this? Whatever you decide on your marketing strategy, think about your customers first and channel your efforts into creating the best possible experience for them.

Case studies can be quite useful, especially if we’re talking about big companies, such as GoPro or Red Bull that have stood the test of time and have continually expanded their businesses. Putting content out there is not enough anymore so take a cue from these two examples and step up your game!