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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a term that includes many different meanings. Generally speaking, they all refer to the same thing, but “Search” is not the only channel SEM services operate on. SEM is often synonymous with pay-per-click (PPC), digital marketing, and online advertising.

Let’s break it down in literal terms. SEM is buying and placing ads on search engines to market a business. Pay-per-click is a label given to a type of ad buying where advertisers pay for each of the clicks they receive. Digital marketing includes all forms of marketing that are assisted by digital technologies. And, online advertising is specifically the promotion of products and services with ads placed online.

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Google Advertising

Often Google Ads are associated with the old Google AdWords search engine advertising. Search ads still play a large role in the Google Ad ecosystem, but Search is not the only advertising channel. Google Ads taps into YouTube, Gmail, News Feeds, and millions of content creators around the web offering up advertising space to Google through AdSense.

What does this mean?  It means that if you have any experience with Google and the only channel you advertised on was Search, then maybe it’s time to take a second look.

Google Advertising lets you implement a large range of strategies:

  • Search ads
  • Banner ads on the display network
  • Discovery ads on Google properties and news feeds
  • Location extension
  • Call tracking and conversion tracking
  • Attribution modelling
  • Responsive bid adjustments
  • Tangible and measurable results
  • Dedicated G Ads support services

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

There are millions of businesses advertising on Facebook. Facebook has a large engaged audience. Facebook also collects a lot of information about its users allowing you to target very specific characteristics. Businesses can target users by location, demographics, interests, behavior, and much more. For some products or services, Facebook is a very powerful ad platform. For other products or services, the quality of leads can be far lower than other platforms where the customer journey is more intent-based.

Facebook ads are generally more passive although they are making headway into video advertising which is not. Ads are typically placed in front of the audience in various feeds. Free information, prizes, or low involvement low-cost niche products thrive on Facebook. Carefully selecting the right goals from Conversions, Lead Generation, or Brand Awareness is critical to success on Facebook.

  • Goal-driven Facebook campaigns
  • Lead Generation campaigns for high volume leads
  • Conversion campaigns to lead clients to your website or to engage with a special promotion
  • Landing page generation
  • Audience targeting
  • Lookalike audiences for qualified leads
  • Call tracking

Microsoft Advertising

Advertising on the Microsoft platform can be very lucrative. Our ads will run across many Microsoft-owned properties; including Bing Search, Yahoo, MSN, and numerous curated news channels. The best part of advertising on Microsoft Ads is tapping into the audience. Often, the people you can target on Microsoft are wealthier, more mature, and do not always use Facebook or Google which means that you can expand your reach.

  • Search and Display ads
  • The audience is different than Google
  • Includes Yahoo Finance and MSN
  • Older and wealthier demographics

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