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Is your SEO provider practicing the mystical, lost art of GUESS-EO?

Chances are, the answer is yes.

Do you remember when mixed martial arts gained popularity a few decades ago? At the time, there were a lot of experts who were (seemingly) at the top of their domain, while being very confident in their abilities.

What we observed, however, was that many methodologies did not perform well when put to the test on a global scale. Simply because they had never been tested empirically against anything else.

The SEO industry works in a very similar way. How do you figure out which discrete variables made your website go up, versus down, when search engines now shuffle between multiple different indices, sometimes several times a day for any given query?

Well, there are many ways to determine what is actually affecting your rankings, and generally, they fit in a few different buckets (ordered from most reliable to least):

  1. Single variable experiments controlling all other variables
  2. Correlations in ranking factors from the top 100+ spots
  3. In-the-field observations from live functional websites
  4. Google’s advice, statements, and warnings
  5. SEO expert opinions and the new hot tactics (this is by far the worst)

Grouped into the above buckets, the vast majority of marketing firms operate solely on #4 and #5. Sometimes they’ll use #3, hoping that their dataset is valid.

Now #3-5 can be helpful when #1-2 are inconclusive. But when used exclusively, it creates an incorrect model that does not yield consistent, repeatable results.

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At Gustin Quon, We Test Everything.

Nothing is holy or sacred. We have no magic potions.

The scientific method tells us what we should and should not be doing on our campaigns.

We work with top brands, publicly traded companies, and businesses across North America and Europe, achieving results even in the most competitive markets.

On-Page SEO

Perfectly crafted content that balances both visitor engagement and search engine relevance … according to the rapidly shifting standards.

Technical SEO

Page load speeds, SSL encryption, HTML5, W3 compliant coding and website structure (among others) are all major ranking factors in today’s landscape.

Value Pitches & Exchanges

Crafting and pitching the right content can be complex and unique for each brand. That’s why our arsenal of strategies is the most extensive on the planet.

Directories & Citations

Are the cornerstone of effective local backlinking. Your business needs to be listed, and listed correctly, in all the right places the search engines look for.

Reviews & Local SEO

With the mobile web becoming the new standard, your company’s map presence is of supreme importance. Customer reviews need to be continually placed where your prospects are looking.

Keyword Research

One of the first steps when starting a campaign, and arguably the most important. We blend your business function with searcher intent to find the most lucrative opportunities.

Blogger Outreach

How you use and distribute content is king. By forming partnerships and connections on your behalf, we earn your company the most sought-after links.

Live Reporting Dashboard

24/7, see how your website is performing against industry competitors and historical changes. View your visitor analytics in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Continually split testing website copywriting and design elements – driven by real data. A seamless web experience means more conversions, and more conversions drive profitability.

Analytics & Tracking

Our Google Tag Manager and Analytics Certified Partners ensure your website captures any and all data that drives key business decisions.

Call Tracking

Measure how many phone call inquiries your site is generating each month, with names, location, and duration details of each call. Segmentation by marketing channel so you know what part of your budget is working.

Regular Meetings

Whether in-person or on the phone, we check in with you ongoing to explain everything in plain English, while receiving your feedback and input.

Why Invest in Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization campaigns will ensure your website’s visibility stays ahead of the game long term, ensuring that your customers can access the site easily in the future. The effects of a great campaign last for a very long time and lead to a well-developed online presence (Or with any city’s local campaign as well). Search engines are ever-changing and dynamic, so it’s important to stay on top of this technology.

SEO campaigns are extremely effective at ensuring people will hear about your brand first. That’s what it does in the online marketplace; positioning your brand as a leader within your market. There’s great power in being in the top, premiere positions in the search engines.

This type of brand strategy may not lead to an immediate increase in sales, but it is imperative to have in the long run. With the increase in search visibility, people will become trusting brand ambassadors. Qualified prospects will recognize your brand as the authority; which is undeniably good in the long term game, and in turn, generates lasting sales numbers.

Part of the process of great SEO (search engine optimization), and ranking well on the search engines, in general, is turning your website into a well-coded hub of excellent content, aimed to engage visitors and convert them into sales. When we are through with your site, it typically becomes a traffic magnet for your business, that’s strategically designed and structured to increase in visibility, getting to the visitors and web traffic who are looking for your product or service.

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