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Dental Digital Marketing Services

We are partnered with Neodent to provide dentists across North America with industry-leading dental implant marketing campaigns. The dental implant industry has grown steadily, with more and more people getting implants every day.

In 2021, the US dental implants market size is expected to reach $900 million, with value dental implants showing the highest growth.

Customized, Highly-Converting Dental Lead Funnels

Our team of advertising specialists test, evaluate, and implement best practices much faster than other companies.

We take your clinic’s branding, messaging, and unique selling propositions and develop customized, high-converting lead funnels. 

We then craft the perfect ads with your offer, targeted to the specific local prospects that are most likely to buy.

We’ve developed the winning formula for dental clinic lead generation, and are constantly adapting to the newest trends and methods.

Additionally, your website has the potential to generate organic patient leads through SEO. As an SEO agency, we’ve demonstrated consistently over the years that our SEO techniques are effective. Many of the improvements we make to a website to promote organic traffic growth also have promoted better advertising. That’s because having better information and communicating it well is what makes you more relevant. Relevance is what increases your rank and it also increases click-through-rate (CTR), conversion rate, and ad rank which are all SEM metrics that reduce costs and increase quality scores.

By combining Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads with SEO, we can really maximize the effectiveness of your budget. In other words, we can generate a better ROI when multiple channels are used to generate patient opportunities.

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Tailored Marketing for Growth-Oriented Dental Clinics.

We are guided by an optimization mentality; analyzing, testing, and refining each creative idea.

We are partnered with Neodent & Straumann Group, providing dental clinics with effective digital marketing campaigns with the goal of boosting dental implant customers.

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  • Patient lead generation
  • Specialized call tracking, SMS, and integrated API solutions
  • Local SEO
  • Patient review management tools
  • Website management
  • Landing page conversion rate optimization
  • Google ads, Facebook ads, Microsoft ads
  • Proven ad formats and creative
  • Excellent keyword lists (both for search and negative keywords)
  • Expert channel knowledge through a dental practice lens

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