Our Mission

Gustin Quon is a company devoted to business growth and product excellence; working with like-minded, inspired enterprises that share common goals of future progress. Our brand is defined by our client’s success.


Gustin Quon is an umbrella of sales, marketing, consulting and engineering, each focused on a specific industry, product, and service cross-section.

Gustin Quon Digital Marketing encompasses our client-based marketing suite of services, with a strong focus on the dental and financial industries, and SEO & SEM specialties.

GQ Seminars is one of the leading financial advisor event marketing companies in North America, with both webinar and live-in-person options.

GQ Seminars is branded as AnnuityGQ in the United States.

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Gustin Quon is a select provider of

Technology & Training Grants

Through the Canadian Government.

Find out if you qualify for a $15,000 digital adoption grant, plus get access to 0% interest loans up to $100,000!