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A World-Class Digital Marketing Company Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It’s time to enter a new stage of growth. Our team specializes in effective digital marketing strategies, which means we have all the right tools for you! Tap into your potential by tapping us as part of your team today.

GQ’s digital marketing team has a diverse background of specialties and experience. Our company values excellent communication with our clients, so we take the time to learn about your business needs before putting together a strategy to meet those goals. We want you to feel comfortable throughout this process – which is why GQ puts customers like yourself at the forefront, every step of the way.

Gustin Quon also provides digital adoption services: this includes process and digital transformation, payment integration, digital assets and more .  Gustin Quon has been doing this for over 8 years, please contact personally for any digital transformation or adoption needs

We have built a team that is large enough to handle your marketing, but not so big as for you to feel unheard, or lost. Our size ensures we are the perfect fit for companies like yours, looking for a robust digital market presence without having new employees on board full time with limited resources.

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Data-Driven Marketing for Growth-Oriented Enterprises.

We are guided by an optimization mentality; analyzing, testing, and refining each creative idea.

We work with top brands, publicly traded companies, and businesses across North America and Europe, achieving results even in the most competitive markets.

  • Combined view from all data sources
  • Support effective & timely decision making
  • Google Analytics 4.0
  • Custom event tracking
  • On and off-site analytics from GA, GSC, Bing, WMT
  • Integrated GMB Reporting
  • Integrated Bing Places Reporting
  • Conversion building, measuring, and monitoring
  • Phone call analytics including numbers, times, duration, and call transcriptions
  • Attribution modeling
  • Virtual phone number pools
  • Detailed phone call attribution modeling
  • Call valuations (in real-time)
  • Call recording
  • Text Messaging Autoresponders and Bots

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