Advisor Spark Training Platform & Book Release Announced by Glen Daman & Gustin Quon Inc.

WINNIPEG MANITOBA, Glen Daman & Gustin Quon Inc. are announcing the updated new release of the book titled “Master Your Life to the 10th Degree”, and the Advisor Spark training platform. Their continued focus is to help financial advisors with sales and growth strategies to grow their book of business and enhance their lives.

Additionally, Advisor Spark will be going on tour across North America hosting live events this fall.

Glen Daman is proud to announce the updated 2021 Version of his famous playbook for personal and professional life: Mastering Your Life to the 10th Degree.

Daman’s mastery of interpersonal skills (and life skills) is weaved into the book illustrating some of his life challenges, and successes. Most everyone wants to improve their life. The author says that this book will help do just that.

By understanding where one can improve their relationships both at home and at work they will quickly realize there is no end to the amount of fulfillment they can have. Time-tested principles found in the book are designed to help not only increase one’s bank account, but more importantly, create more satisfying relationships.

Emotional Mastery and Physical Mastery are just two types that Daman discusses. Why is waking up at 5 am so important, and what does it have to do with the two concepts above? If someone wakes up at 5 am, does a workout and eats right – they are supercharged for the day. Nutrition makes a massive difference over time, and anyone can start immediately, today.

The book underscores that if people look over their successes, and meditate on their improvement points, they will have a great focus for dealing with the highs and lows of the day. Daman underscores that with this method, “holding the line” will be much easier.  He says, “Everyone has good days and bad days, and stoicism makes high achievers great.”

Join for a live event coming soon. Financial advisors get a free copy of the book at

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