[Chiropractors] Need Referrals? Read this Article for an Extra 10-30 Patients Per Month

[Chiropractors] Need Referrals? Read this Article for an Extra 10-30 Patients Per Month

We all know that brand ambassador’s who say great things about you are the ideal client. But how do you get more of these clients? Do you have that awkward conversation “Hey, do you know anyone that needs chiropractic service?” Normally, it doesn’t go as well as you’d like and doesn’t produce results.

The Simple Solution: Avoid the Awkward Conversation!

For any referral system, it has to be so easy your 5-year-old could do it (Ok, maybe a 10-year-old). So what can we do to make sure this gets done and done right?

Secrets to Success

In general, you’ll have to do the following:

  1.   Create a great offer
  2.   Get the message to the right people
  3.   Put a personalized touch on it

The same strategy goes for referrals. This is what top clinics are doing to get referrals:

Step 1: Once every 3 months, get your staff to make up ‘referral cards’.

Step 2: Each patient gets 2 cards (shown below). It essentially gets one of their friends or family members a free or discounted visit to your clinic (whatever you decide).

Step 3: When the patient comes in, have your staff member address them with the following:

“Hey, <patient name>,

Dr. <your name> wanted to say thank you for coming into his clinic and that he really appreciates your business. We have been asked by our other patients if we can give family members or friends who are in need of a special offer so that they can get some help.

I wanted to give you these two cards (explain the special deal). Now the offer is good until next week (7 days from the day you give it out). If there is someone you have in mind who can use the help, let them know as early as possible, thanks.”

If your clinic is seeing 250 to 500 patients a week, expect to get anywhere from 10-30 new referral patients a month with this technique. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up your time! This is the key to growing your practice.

Make Sure to Do the Following

  1. Ensure your staff has a list of patients they can give the offer to (don’t double give it away!)
  2. Make sure to do it every 2 to 3 months (I would do it each day of one particular month, just make sure you only give it away to each patient once!)
  3. Timestamp it with an expiry date; that way there is urgency for them to book.
  4. Give them the card below when they first come into the clinic. They might ask the doctor, “Can you help my friend who has this condition with this card?”  This happens a lot, address it immediately and be happy to help!

I’ve included a quick and easy sample card below, made with https://www.canva.com/.