Simple Law Firm SEO Tactics

Simple Law Firm SEO Tactics

With the recent Google algorithm changes, one of the biggest questions on any conscientious business owner’s mind is, “how can I use these changes to my advantage?” With a few simple law firm SEO tactics, you’ll be able to put Google to work for you. This will position yourself as the legal expert in your selected fields, increasing your customer base, and gaining more referrals.

Below are several SEO terms and tactics that every legal professional should familiarize themselves with. To gain a better understanding of the entire process, look into contacting an SEO and marketing expert to really help you with this process. The following strategies are all ways that an SEO expert can help to increase your web presence and find your target clients.

So, Why You Implement a Law Firm SEO Strategy?

Law firms like yours are bound to certain jurisdictions, which means your market is location-centric. With the right SEO strategy, you’ll be able to enhance your reputation in local circles and optimize relevant content. This will position you as an expert in the area of law you excel in. Also, with a comprehensive web presence, your target clients will be able to easily find and contact you.

What Should You Do First?

Conducting a competitive analysis is the first move we recommend.

For argument’s sake, say you are a family law or divorce and custody attorney in the San Francisco area. To conduct a competitor analysis, Google “top family law attorneys in San Francisco.” Look at the results. Visit your competition’s websites and see what kind of content they are writing. How is it relevant, and what are they doing right? Where could they improve?

From there you’ll have a better understanding of where to start writing.

For optimized law firm SEO content, you want highly-relevant material that will help your target clients. Using the above example, brainstorm what you think your potential clients will search for when they are looking to hire a divorce attorney.

From there, you can start crafting content that will help them. For example, you could write an article ‘how to find and hire an experienced divorce attorney in San Francisco’. This is a location-specific article optimized for your keywords, some of which include; ‘divorce attorney’ and ‘San Francisco.’

If you can accurately showcase your expertise with well-written content that ranks on Google, your target customers will see you as a helpful expert and will be more likely to hire you.

Is Your Content Optimized for Mobile Viewing?

More than half of Google searches are taking place on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Google is giving priority to web content optimized for these devices. So how do you improve your mobile viewing experience?

Luckily, there are numerous free plugins that will convert your content to mobile-friendly viewing. Since this is a new development with Google, most of your competition isn’t doing this. If your content is optimized for mobile, but your top competitor is not, Google will rank your content higher than your competitor’s.

Next, Consider Listing Your Firm with Google

Practicing law, owning and heading a law firm are stationery businesses. If you are a family law attorney in San Francisco, you can’t take on clients over on the East coast. You are beholden to your location and jurisdiction.

Please keep in mind that consumers and potential clients are conducting more and more local searches for products and services. In response, Google is starting to rank sites based on how close the business is located to the searcher.

What does that mean for your law firm? You want to make sure your firm is listed on Google maps. Google My Business is a free program you can use to get your firm listed. So when potential clients go searching online for law firms in their city or area, your firm will show up on the map.

This is a free and easy way for you to take advantage of local search queries.

If you don’t, your clients are going to the competition, and you’re missing out on their business and money. With a comprehensive law firm SEO strategy prepared by an expert, your potential clients will be able to find you, and you’ll position yourself as the resource in your legal area.