Why SEO is the Key to Business Success

Why SEO is the Key to Business Success

Half the world may tell you that SEO is dead, Winnipeg SEO is dead, etc … but that’s ridiculous. If you have any idea of how internet algorithms work, you’ll know that SEO is one of the keys to business success. SEO is incredibly important for keeping the search engines happy. In fact, SEO is the only language they speak. With a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy, you’ll reap the following rewards:

  • Visibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Capture high-quality leads
  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Establish thought leadership
  • Establish credibility in your industry

Businesses in Canada need to understand that without an effective SEO strategy, their competitors are going to get the eyeballs, attention, and ultimately the dollars of their target customers. The modern, digital age requires an entirely different approach to your business marketing strategies, and SEO is one of the most crucial elements for getting your business off the ground and soaring high with robust profits and a loyal customer base.

What should you do first when your first start to craft an SEO strategy?

If you’re unsure of where, to begin with, SEO, check out what your biggest rivals are already doing. When you enter a query into the search bar, see who and what ranks for those keywords. From there, you’ll understand which keywords you want to rank for and start building up your SEO strategy around those keywords. Think of them as the foundation of your SEO dreamhouse.

Speaking of search queries, you need to start thinking about how the search engines are the gatekeepers to SEO success. If you don’t keep those search engines happy with your keywords and web content, SEO isn’t going to work for you. So, what are some steps you can take to keep the search engines happy?

Optimize Your Content for Mobile Viewing

Mobile search has taken over and has in fact eclipsed desktop searches. The majority of your customers are searching for content that you have on their mobile devices. Also, Google is starting to rank web content that is optimized for mobile viewing higher than the desktop-optimized content of yesterday. So, when you are starting to craft your SEO strategy, you need to make sure your content is optimized for mobile viewing. Don’t forget this crucial step.

Harness the Power of Video for your Business in Canada

Businesses who start to use videos as part of their marketing strategy see an exponential increase in viewer engagement. While you definitely need to include static web content as a part of your SEO strategy, videos are the future of SEO. More and more consumers are starting to view videos before reading about a company, and videos are an excellent way to educate your customer about your products. Not only does static content use keywords, but so do videos. Search engines rank videos according to the keywords in their titles and description. Videos are the future of marketing. Ignore them, and your SEO strategy will wither and get left behind.

How cost-effective is SEO?

Investing in an SEO strategy for your business in Canada is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can use. High-ranking webpages capture up to 95% of all web traffic, and viewer engagement increases over 30% when businesses start to see their content creep up the search results page.

Better yet, you can invest in evergreen, search engine optimized content. You can pay for well-crafted content that will rank high once, and you’ll keep gleaning benefits from it for years to come.

There’s nothing more exciting for a business owner than seeing their content capture the first slot on the search results page. With a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy for your business, you’ll find qualified leads, increase your sales, and establish thought leadership in your niche. Don’t hesitate to get your business to the top page of Google. Invest in SEO marketing with one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Canada today.