Research & Development

Crafting the Future of Alternative Propulsion.

At Gustin Quon, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in propulsion technology.

After a number of recent discoveries led by co-founder Kyle Gustin, a special projects division has been created to focus on the development of cutting-edge alternative propulsion methods. Through these projects, we aim to revolutionize the way the world thinks about transportation and energy efficiency.

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)

Magnetohydrodynamics deals with the dynamics of electrically conducting fluids such as plasma. Our research aims to harness the potential of MHD for propulsion by using magnetic fields to accelerate ions and generate thrust. This technology has the potential to transform industries ranging from marine transportation to space exploration.

Electrostatic Confinement

By using strong electric fields to confine charged particles, electrostatic confinement holds promise in nuclear fusion technology. Our team is exploring its applications in producing efficient propulsion systems. This advanced technology can contribute to the development of clean and sustainable energy sources, paving the way for an eco-friendly future.

Plasma Propulsion

Plasma propulsion systems utilize ionized gas to produce thrust. Our groundbreaking research and development focus on increasing the efficiency and scalability of plasma-based propulsion systems for various applications. Plasma propulsion can play a pivotal role in the advancement of space exploration and satellite deployment technologies.

Laser Propulsion

Laser propulsion utilizes the momentum of photons to produce thrust. Our innovative research aims to develop laser-based propulsion systems that are lightweight and highly efficient for space and aerial applications. Laser propulsion technology is groundbreaking in its potential to propel spacecraft without the need for traditional propellant.

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