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5 Killer Ways to Generate More Targeted Traffic Without Google

5 Killer Ways to Generate More Targeted Traffic Without Google

Having a lot of traffic driven from Google is the most someone can ask for, right?

Not always.

There are plenty of alternative sources of traffic across the web just waiting to be tapped into.

Here are a few tactics you can employ to get more traffic flowing to your website.

Forum Commenting

Starting or joining forum conversations can turn out to be a good traffic generator. The key is not to simply drop a link in the comments but truly try to engage in the conversation, offering your expertise and advice. If your comment is truly on point, then you are likely to receive visits.

A good way to tackle this is by searching “Keyword inurl:forum” on Google. Join the forum, and afterward dedicate your time to participating in the life of that community. It is essential to provide useful information and restrain yourself from self-promoting – it’s highly unpopular and always comes across unauthentic.

Guest Blogging

You can easily profit from popular websites by posting and become known as an authority on the topic. We as a company are extremely good at this. To help you achieve this on your own, Derek Halpern from thinktraffic.net has come up with a good drafting technique. After you have found some popular blogs you want to write on, send the BLOG manager a request, explaining how helpful the article was. After building rapport, pitch your ideas for a couple of value adding articles.


The key on Reddit is finding a niche with plenty of subscribers and traffic, and then create content that is useful and relevant to that particular niche. To do that, you must first get acquainted with the rules for that specific subreddit. You can include links to your site, just as long as you include links to others as well.

You should also take advantage of Reddit’s voting system, through which you can increase your score if you leave valuable comments.

References to Influencers

Another great way to get some extra hundreds or thousands of views is to reference top influencers in your articles.

When you write something on a specific topic, make sure you quote an authority from that niche in your text. This way, you will get them more fans and add to their image as an expert. More than that, if they enjoy the content, it is very likely that they will share the article.

So start searching for the best quality content from your niche, and find out who are its top contributors. You can use BuzzSumo to discover the most shared content from specific areas. Once you’ve found the top influencers and you’ve included them in your article, send them an email to let them know about your post.

Social Bookmarking Sites

One of the most underrated methods of attracting traffic to your website is by submitting content to social bookmarking sites. A popular bookmarking site is StumbleUpon, for instance. If your article is of high quality, you can get thousands of stumbles in just a couple of hours.

Another good use for these social bookmarking sites is getting organic search rankings.

However, if you want to get your content promoted on these sites, you need to make sure that your articles are fresh, original and follow SEO best practices. In other words, you have to include keywords in meta description and titles and create original content that adds value to your audience.

Always make sure that you invest some time in developing a strong strategy to drive more traffic. Research every option thoroughly.