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The Nitro Grant Framework

Canadian Hospitality Business Owners Can Now Access up to 230k in Government grants per business they own. Gustin Quon makes it easy and helps you with all the paperwork. Want more information, book with one of our specialist below:

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Benefits of the Nitro Grant Framework:

What Are the Steps?


We meet with you to confirm you meet the eligibility requirements.


We apply for the grant for you; and because of step 1, you're approved!


We look for other grant opportunities for you, up to $230,000!

Listen to What Our Clients Have to Say:

"Only took 45 min. to get 15k in grants, up to 100k 0% loan!"

"My hospitality clients got over 311k in grants from GQ. Insane!"

"Over 215K in funding for my clients."

"Darin Gentes: GQ got me over 400k in 0% loans and 60k in grants in less than 60 days for my restaurants. Highly recommend!"