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RAPID CORPORATE GROWTHHarlan’s Reports Record Profits

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We helped Harlan’s offer a better experience to customers, resulting in higher top-line revenue and a growing market share online.


Harlan’s is now a Western Canada market leader, as they saw a massive jump in organic rankings for hundreds of key terms within 6 months. Within that same time frame, retargeting ads have been seen nearly 2 million times, and have directed thousands of viewers to their new website.


With over 75 years of content and miscellaneous design elements, it was important to determine what sort of presence they required now that their business was functioning online in a new marketplace. Content was developed to draw in customers in rapid sessions and a new look and feel set them apart from the current industry standards. Take a look at it!


The new Harlan’s website is built to attract and convert leads. With a new clean design and a better product overview, customers can easily find their way around the site and have a great experience with the Harlan’s brand online. Goal completions are monitored monthly, including account setups, emails requesting prices and information, contact form submissions, and click to call on mobile. Within 6 months, the number of sessions doubled with 311 goal completions.

To date, Harlan’s has experienced strong and aggressive growth within the past 6 months as they market to small and large businesses with their fun food
programs. Each program offers equipment, flavors, and supplies, as well as a sales person who will help with accomplishing sales goals. They continue to
search for and acquire delicious new brands and products that are sure to please indulging customers for years to come.

HOUSTON LAW FIRM SAVES OVER $140,000/MONTHEvery month, by using our SEO strategy over AdWords.

Traffic Statistics

Using SEMRush, the leading traffic and SEM measurement tool, we can estimate the amount of equivalent dollar value traffic (highlighted) that our SEO campaign has yielded so far for this Houston personal injury firm.

This particular law firm was burnt by an SEO company in the past, who used shady black-hat tactics, and as such, the firm had lost all top rankings while the business revenue took a massive hit. The firm was ecstatic with the way things turned around.
houston law firm cost savings


  • Maneuvering around an unnatural linking penalty, by changing servers, domain registrations and more.
  • Building a new, responsive website to showcase client case results and improve conversion rates.
  • Website copywriting – building out optimized pages to rank in surrounding counties for many service offerings.
  • A strategically methodical SEO campaign to gain true publicity and exposure, driving traffic, and building higher authority than competitors in the surrounding areas.
  • Citation audit and directory listings work.
  • Enlisting an online reputation management program to push 4-5 star reviews, while collecting feedback from 3-star or less.


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AUTOMOTIVE MARKET DOMINATIONAn auto dealership takes full control of their market.


An automotive dealership with sub-par rankings came to us to drive brand exposure and capture leads within their market. Most of their keywords were either on page 2-10, or completely non-existent.


  • Website content upgrades and copywriting (Most dealerships do not have unique content)
  • Citation auditing and directory submissions
  • Strategic SEO outreach campaign to boost rankings (month after month)


auto dealer rankings

In just a year and a half, we were able to take this dealership from ground zero to putting them consistently in the top three rankings for their most sought after and profitable keywords.

INTERNATIONAL FITNESS FRANCHISE ACHIEVES 43% INCREASE IN WEB LEADSAfter switching SEO companies from another prominent, international provider.


Before enlisting the Executive Team, this franchise had already achieved good results in most local markets. After a year of our service, we had taken them from merely good, to outstanding.


  • Website structural changes
  • Duplicate content removal and copywriting
  • Page-by-page “re-optimization” for keywords targeted (removal of keyword stuffing, re-wording of pages and titles)
  • Aggressive and systematic link building campaign using blogger outreach and guest posting opportunities


fitness franchise online growth