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Why Business Citations Dramatically Affect Your Local SEO Efforts

There’s no question that local SEO is getting more and more competitive these days. Even in the smaller markets we’re finding that businesses are required to put in a lot more time and effort in order to rank highly on Google than they had to a couple years ago. Some might look at this as […]

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It’s Official, Mobile-Unfriendly Sites May Lose Their Rankings

Last week, Google started sending out warnings about websites without mobile friendly layouts, saying that the pages in question have usability issues and may be de-ranked for smartphone users. This does not mean they’re going to penalize these websites, however, for users on mobile devices your website may stop showing up quite as highly. Google […]

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Google Updates – Static Holds, Sandboxes and More! – November 2014

It looks like Google is rolling out some algorithm changes based on the data we are seeing lately, and data from other webmasters across the globe. The main thing we are seeing is very slow crawl rates, with pages and site that usually get crawled every few days, many haven’t been re-crawled now in several weeks. […]

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The Unfortunate Reality of Negative SEO

After much discussion and collaboration with search engine optimization experts around the world, it’s extremely evident that negative SEO is rampantly wrecking havoc on many websites. Websites are being targeted aggressively in competitive niches around the world by either their competitors, or shady SEO companies hired by their competitors. What is Negative SEO? Negative SEO […]

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What’s Your Customer’s Lifetime Value? Business Strategies for Growth

The majority of sales strategies revolve around getting new customers. When I talk to businesses no matter where they are located, it seems everyone is so focused on getting brand new customers into the door. But the reality is – this is an expensive approach, when it’s the only approach used to increase sales. Why? New customers […]

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